Lyra White- Judgement's Light [First Submitted Character]

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Lyra White- Judgement's Light [First Submitted Character]

Post by Shinigami-sama on Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:10 am

Name: Lyra White

Gender: Female

Race: Aeris

Age: ~18 years old

As shown in the picture, Lyra has green eyes and dark hair. In her full Aeria Flux state her eyes turn a brilliant silver and her hair turns gold. In Void Flux her hair turns amethyst, and her eyes blacken. There is a faint banded circle around her Seraphim Mark on the back of her neck.

History: Lyra is a special case, even among those collective known as Aerai. In Aeris society, there is an object known as the Fountain of Light. Time and time again, the Fountain has been celebrated as the source of all magical bodies and antibodies. The Fountain grants powers to those who bathe in it's waters upon a full moon after their 15th birthday, and these powers encompass everything imaginable, be it Thaumic or Magical. One such full moon happened on a day that hadn't been recorded in Aeris society for a few hundred years: The Kindred Moon. The science behind this phenomena is unknown, but through some occurrence the Moon gains its own satellite for a few minutes. In the last moments of the Kindred Moon came Lyra. Formed from the Kindred's energy flowing into the brilliant, glowing waters of the Fountain, she appeared on the ledge in a brilliant flash. She bore the mark of a High Seraphim, which takes the form of a winged halo on the back of the neck. Believing that her method of creation and the mark she bore were signs of a saint, the Aeris priests took the young girl in and raised her together in the Castle of Light. Time passed, and the baby was now a young girl. Lyra was treated with the highest respect, and the staff of the Castle insisted that she have only the best. In short, the young Lyra was treated like a princess throughout her life. The priests even went so far as to avoid telling her about all the threats coming in the mail from the rebellion forces. After a few more years, Lyra was well an adult, and had bathed in the Fountain that had created her. The priests had never kept her creation a secret, nor did they hide the mark on her neck. As expected, Lyra was a magical prodigy with equal skill in Thaumaturgy and traditional magic. Her Unique abilities allowed her to further enhance her potential by switching between the use of Magic and Thaum on a regular basis. However, not all believed that the patron saint of their race should wield both the powers of Thaum and Magic. They felt that doing such was stepping on the toes of the gods, and called Lyra a heretic for utilizing them.

These accusations never ceased, and Lyra was betrayed by the one person she truly respected: a Seraphim named Jonathan. He had been recruited by the rebels to take Lyra down by any means, as she was halting any political progress. Jonathan sealed Lyra's powers in a crystal he kept on his person, stripping her of almost all her power, and reducing the Thaumic skill to almost nill. Then, as if enjoying his actions, he lunges at her.

With no power and her wings gone, Lyra fled. The symbol marking her as a High Seraphim had faded near completely, leaving her with minimal power as it was sealed in the Crystal. She ran to the edge of the floating islands she called home...

...and jumped into the abyss below her. Unsure of her fate, and if she would ever regain her full power.

Personality: Lyra is incredibly shy around new people, and tends to stay as far away from social events as she can. This is due in part to her clumsiness, as even with wings she ends up tripping over nothing at all or random running into objects before she can react. However, she is very kind towards new people and won't hesitate to help someone, although she's quick to bolt after helping. When frightened, she has a tendency to instinctively attack whatever frightened her. If this object is a person, she's quick to apologize after realizing her instinctive mistake.

Occupation/School Year: Currently enrolled as a Junior at Majutsu Academy.

+Extreme Magic Potential
+Slight Thaumic Power

-Easily Frightened
-Unfamiliar with combat

Unique Magic: Gift of Aeria/Gift of the Void- Using her inherent gifts, Lyra can change all manner of things in her surrounding area, especially Light. However, it should be noted that this ability has a passive effect known as Spatial Flux. Using a certain number of Light spells will change Gift of Aeria into Gift of the Void, changing Lyra’s appearance in certain ways, and restricting her access to Light-based spells. The opposite for Gift of Aeria is true as well. If she bounces between both variants a number of times in a set course of 30 minutes, there is a slight chance to activate Judgement’s End, which permanently boosts her power while temporarily weakening those stronger than her. Should the boost of Judgement’s End raise her power by staggeringly high amount, she will gain another pair of wings.

Note that in exchange for a brief lock-out from her power, Lyra can use Judgement’s End in Aeria/Light Flux to enter “Seraph Mode”. When she has all of her wings, "Seraphim" turns into "Evangelism", turning Lyra into an Archangel.

JE can only give Lyra up to a maximum of 16 wings, or 8 pairs. From then there are only rumored to be ways to improve her power.


Light of Hope

--AERA MODE--Hope takes the form of a pearl pendant around Lyra's neck. By ripping this off and sending a burst of Magic into it in Aeria Flux, she can turn it into a long spear almost as tall as she is. This spear is ornately carved, and cuts so soundly through the air that nothing can defend against it. The spear has Thaumic runes along it's length that cancel out any and all magic it comes in contact with.

--VOID MODE-- By performing the same actions needed in Aera mode, Lyra can turn Hope into Desparatio, a multi-form combat weapon that takes the initial form of eight blades in a circle behind her being. The various forms include several ranged aspects, ranging from multiple mounted gatling guns to an aerial bombardment. However, using Void Mode requires either an immense mana supply or a significant amount of Thaumic power. In most cases, Aeria Mode will be used because of this cost.


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Re: Lyra White- Judgement's Light [First Submitted Character]

Post by Empoleon Blownaparte on Mon Aug 17, 2015 12:57 pm

Jayzus, mate, I know you're excited, but let us open the damn site first XD

Approved. You better not put any more up here yet though!

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